Start a HOSA Chapter

How to Start a HOSA Chapter

Starting a HOSA chapter is easier than you think. A few short steps will have you and your school on your way to a new HOSA chapter.


Follow the five steps below will ensure a successful start to your new chapter!

  • Initial Membership Recruitment
  • Contact an Alaska HOSA Advisor
  • Chapter Login and Affiliation
  • Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!
  • Fine Tune

‚ÄčInitial Membership Recruitment

The first step in starting a local HOSA chapter is to find an adult who will serve as the chapter advisor. More information of Advisor responsibilities is located in Section C of the HOSA Handbook: Guide to Organizing and Managing a HOSA Chapter. Once a chapter advisor has been secured, you will need to recruit at least 5 members to get started. Once you have these names, continue to the next step.

Contact an Alaska HOSA Advisor

We want to hear from you and your success in beginning the steps necessary to start a new chapter! We also need to get all of your contact information so that we can ensure you receive all communication from our office. Complete the “Chapter Request Form” at the bottom of this page.

Once we receive your contact information, we will send your charter number and password along with what HOSA region you are in so that the initial 6 members (advisor + 5 students) can be added and of course anyone you recruited along the way! While waiting on this information, we highly recommend to get very familiar with the layout of the Alaska HOSA website. We have a lot of resources on this site for chapter advisors.



Get Started!


Chapter Login Information and Affiliation

Your chapter ID and password are the two pieces of information you will need to access the online affiliation system. The online affiliation system is used to affiliate members, view your account balance, print your membership directory, and complete online registration for conferences. In other words, this is where you will do almost everything for your chapter. Step by step instructions for adding members to your chapter are available once you log-in.

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!

Now that you have been added to our contact list and are set up in the membership affiliation system, you are ready to recruit members and build your chapter. One key thing to remember is that a student cannot experience the benefits of HOSA membership unless they first join. Posters, videos from HOSA events, visits from State Officers, all play a huge role in assisting you in the recruitment process.

Fine Tune

Now that you have begun to recruit HOSA members, it is time to start fine-tuning your chapter details to ensure a successful year. You will want to start thinking about electing chapter officers, planning fundraisers, community service projects, looking over the amazing competitive events program, advertising for conferences, etc. Section C of the HOSA Handbook is an absolute vital HOSA publication you will want by your side.